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Old-time residents relate the name of Moonbeam to pioneers in the area that often saw flashing lights in the skies and what they once called ''moonbeams'' falling down near the creeks and lakes surrounding the village. Residents describe the UFOs as flattened domed disks, 15 to 20 diameter, appearing with a roaring noise and colored from red to orange. For this reason, Moonbeam chose a UFO as their village symbol. 

The transcontinental railway was finished here in Moonbeam in 1912. Explorers came from the northern parts of Montreal Quebec to find a place to call home. They a;; had one goal in mind to search for a great piece of land to cultivate or to exploit for mines where they could build their family. 

As part of our centennial, we invite you to travel through time with 12 mysterious historical capsules that will be unveiled each month. 

January, 2022

Discover the touching story  of the Le Saux family as told by their daughter Hélène and take a look back in time with pictures of many families from Moonbeam.

February 2022

Discover the birth of the Union Culturel des Franco-Ontariennes in Moonbeam with our February historical capsule told by Ms. Jeannine Lebrun and

Ms. Francine Ste-Croix.

March 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Guillemette introduces us to the story behind the creation of Twin Lakes Camping. What perseverance and dedication.

April 2022

A vision, tenacity and a passion for the arts...Discover our capsule for the month of April with the one who established what is now called the Moonbeam Cultural Centre and the meticulous work of a local artist and her dedication to promoting art in the region.

May 2022

Ms. Jeannette Filion tells us the story of the good old days! Dans l'bon vieux temps ça se passait d'même, ça s'passait d'même dans l'bon vieux temps!

July 2022

Mr Jean David Corveil, a native from a small town from East Ontario, started his educational profession in our little town . His contribution to the development of the community was tremendous either in the fields of education, municipal, political, and family. His son will share a few momentum of his father’s life.

September 2022

Mr René Brunelle made a substantial contribution to the progress of our village. He was an entrepreneur, a politician, a family man. His son Pierre will share a few memories.

June 2022

In a developing community, the services offered to its population are decisive. Setting up a public library is an example of determination and keeping it alive is an example of adapting to people's needs. The availability of personnel is the key to this great success.

August 2022

Developing a town needs a variety of individuals that are commited to its growth, that are using their skills, sharing their visions. Pierre, fils de Raymond Bouchard will share  facts about his father.

October 2022

Qui sont ces gens qui ont formé et qui forment cette communauté vibrante. Quelques témoignages d’hier et d’aujourd’hui jasent de leurs expériences. Nous proposons 4 petites capsules à raison d’une par semaine pour un mois. Bon visionnement.

November 2022

Description to come.

December 2022

Description to come.

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