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Emerged from a moonlight

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100th Beer

The committee is proud to present the 100th anniversary beer in collaboration with Whiskeyjack Beer Company brewery. On sale at  Della Pieta Restaurant with the purchase of food.

Closing the 100th celebrations

The Moonbeam 100th Organizing Committee would like to take the time to thank the residents of Moonbeam and surrounding areas for your participation in the Moonbeam 100th events.

To read the press release, click here

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Promotional items

Several promotional items for the 100th anniversary are on sale at the Tourist Information Center, 2 hwy 581. You can also purchase them online by clicking here

View the promotional video!

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Historic Buildings

Discover the origin of the name Moonbeam and Lake Rémi, the first family to settle in Moonbeam, the first baby, who is the founding priest or simply watch our historical capsules.



The Moonbeam 100th committee is very excited to present you with the festivities to mark this event in 2022. The celebration for Moonbeam’s 100th anniversary will be celebrated for a full year.

Helping Hands


Is there an activity you would like to see during the 100th? What a better way to get involved than to organize it yourself! The 100th committee will be happy to support you in hosting your event.


Do you have a bit of free time on your schedule? Do you feel ready to give some of your time for the well-being of your community? You are the perfect volunteer!

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